Thursday Thoughts: Women’s Health Week & Summer Health and Fitness Goals

Good morning, everyone!

Ever have one of those nights where you sleep horribly? I had incredibly weird, messed up dreams all night, and I woke up multiple times thinking “Holy crap, thank God that was just a dream. That was awful.” It must’ve stressed me out something fierce, because my jaw hurts from having kept it clenched all night. Brain, stop being such a hater!

Anyways, on to more pressing (and uplifting) matters: the carnitas were a success! Many thanks to Jenna at Eat, Live, Run for the fabulous recipe, because after a few days of decidedly meh or outright no bueno meals, the carnitas were a welcome  (and much-needed) win. I’m hopeful that tonight’s recipe, Mediterranean chicken, will be good too — of course, I’ll keep y’all posted.

In other news, I was late to the party in finding out that it’s National Women’s Health Week — but better late than never, amirite? Women’s health is a topic near and dear to my heart; between gynecologic cancers that have affected women in my family, friends who’ve struggled with fertility troubles, and my burgeoning interest in maternal health in developing countries, nearly every aspect of my life has been affected by women’s health issues. So, y’know, the fact that there’s now an entire week dedicated to these issues makes me do a happy dance.


As part of this effort, women are encouraged to make their health a priority by taking five key steps:

  • Visiting a doctor for regular check-ups and preventive care screenings (an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, y’all!)
  • Getting active (gettin’ your blood pumping = happy fun times!)
  • Eating healthy (because your body will thank you profusely)
  • Paying attention to mental health, including getting enough sleep (*raises hand sheepishly, looks around*) and stress management (*raises other hand sheepishly, looks around*)
  • Avoiding unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, not wearing seatbelts (ok, am I the only one who haaaaated riding the school bus because, among other reasons, there were no seat belts?) or bicycle helmets (your body can’t function without your brain — protect your noggin!), and texting while driving (because texting while driving is basically like driving drunk, and that’s not okay).

And, in a related effort, Joelle over at On a Pink Typewriter is putting together a campaign for health/fitness inspiration boards – collages you can make the old fashioned way with scissors and glue, or digitally via Pinterest, Polyvore, or Loupe. Here’s mine:

Fitness Goals Summer 2013

Now, to explain those images:

I’m really excited about focusing more on strength training — I love how strong I feel when I lift. I hope to work my way through TNROLFW this summer, and maybe once the fall rolls around I’ll be able to kick butt using just my pinky toe. (Or something.)

I also want to do a lot of hiking when we visit Colorado this summer; I haven’t been home in almost 18 months, and I’m incredibly excited to visit for my dad’s 60th birthday festivities. While I’m there, I also want to hike the Manitou Incline – it’s not far from where I grew up, and it’s a hard-core hike. Knees, ready yourselves!

While I’m not on vacation, though, I want to take time each day to go outside and get some sun. I work in a windowless office, and I’m convinced I’m going to get Rickets — Rickets, I tell you! — as a result of my working conditions. I drink lots of Vitamin D-fortified almond milk, but I know I need some sunlight synthesis as well. If I can take even 5-10 minutes to go outside during the day, I’ll be really happy.

Lastly, this girl needs more agua in her life. I’m really, really, ridiculously bad about my water drinking habits, and I’m trying to change that. I bought myself an Aladdin cold sipper so I can drink cold water in the office without having to worry about the bottle sweating all over my desk, and I’m hopeful that it’ll help with my H2O-chugging efforts.

Anyways, with all that being said, I now have to get to work — I hope everyone has an awesome day, and happy almost-Friday! Tell me…

How do you help ensure that you get lots of water? (I’ll take any help I can get with this!)

How have women’s health issues affected you or impacted the lives of women you know?

What are your summer health and fitness goals?

29 responses

  1. Hahaha “rickets i tell you!” omg how do you work in a windowless office?? That sounds like a dungeon. not ok. I get my 8 cups per day (give or take) by putting 4 poland spring water bottles on my desk in the morning (we have them delivered to the office, thats why this way makes sense, i dont like, lug them all from home or anything) and i have to finish them before the end of the day. i don’t always finish, i usually bring one home with me, but it helps when you see them sitting there. and great question about summer fitness goals- i need to think about this and get a plan written down.

    • Yeah…my windowless office feels dungeon-like sometimes! I have posters and tapestries up all over the walls to help it feel less dungeon-y, so that helps — but the lack of windows sucks mightily!

      The Poland Spring water bottles in your desk is a really good idea — it’s a really good visual reminder. :)

  2. Glad this chicken was good! Winner, winner chicken dinner! :) I heard that it was woman’s healthy week! Yipee!! I like your board – all inclusive of good stuff! I can’t wait to read about Colorado hikes, I can imagine they’re gorgeous. I buy a cute, expensive, new water bottle once every few months (like 3-4) to stay motivated to drink water. It’s stupid, but new things really do make me happy. I have a Camelbak and as inappropriate as it probably is, I keep the nozzle in my mouth sometimes just to keep on drinking. Haha. I can’t handle life, apparently. My advice is pointless. My summer goal is to run a sub 2 hour half marathon. We’ll see, with this GA heat, who knows if that’ll be possible.

    • I can completely relate — it’s not stupid, especially if it helps you drink water! There’s just something about cute accessories, whether it’s workout clothes or water bottles, that helps motivate people to do what they need to do. I totally get it! :)

      And WOW, that’s an awesome goal! It’d be impressive no matter what (seriously, I tap out after 4 miles), but especially in that heat and humidity. Aaaah, such a delicate combination… :)

    • I have no idea why the straw works, but it totally does! I find that I just chug water right down as long as there’s a straw involved, whereas for some reason my Nalgene bottle just sat there getting no love whatsoever. It’s weird, but hey, I’m in favor of whatever helps us all get our agua!

  3. Hi, I’m a new reader – and absolutely in love with your blog name! I hear you on drinking water – I try to set goals and make sure my glasses have straws. Goals for water drinking sounds weird but it works sometimes. Hiking sounds fun, and hiking in Colorado sounds even more fun – I’m kinda jealous. And I need to work on strength training too, thanks for reminding me.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and showing some love for the blog name! I had to think for a while before I found one that I liked, so I’m glad you like it. :) I checked out your blog, and it’s awesome – you’ve got yourself a new reader! :)

  4. I get horrible, stressful dreams after I watch a thrilling show or movie. When we were watching Breaking Bad, I had awful dreams nightly! Not a fan of those.
    I love this post. Thank you for reminding us all to really pay attention and take care of ourselves.
    I used to have problems not getting enough water until I got a reusable bottle with a straw. I swear drinking from a straw makes me drink more and faster! So hopefully your new bottle will help!

    • Ohhhh, the Breaking Bad dreams – I had those too! I had to cut off our TV watching a few hours before I went to sleep, because Gus Fring was haunting me in my dreams. (He’s SUCH an evil mofo. Omigod.) I find that, for whatever reason, the straw really helps me too – I’m not sure why that is, but hey, I’m in favor of whatever works! :)

      • That dude is bad news. I had dreams that hit men were coming after me and taking me out of my room while I was asleep. Seriously scary stuff! I’m not surprised I’m the only one who had bad BB dreams. :-P

  5. I am even later to the party! I had no idea it was National Women’s Health week either. I think your goals for the summer sound awesome! Yay especially for strength training, I started a little over a year ago now and it’s definitely had the most impact on my overall fitness and health. I could never go back to just doing cardio! One of my goals for the summer is to try and eat a little bit healthier, maybe by having desserts in the house only every other week instead of every week. I mean, I love my desserts, but I don’t need them every night haha

    • LOL – I love my desserts, too! I can’t live without ‘em. I mean, I could go a few days without dessert…but then I’d probably wind up eating a whole box of cereal in one sitting. ;) Hope your week is going well!

  6. I used to wear a watch with an alarm function that I set to go off every hour for me to drink a cup of water. Battery died in watch and it fell to the wayside, HOWEVER, it worked great when I was using it. Then I read about an Ayurvedic trick to drink 2-3 cups of warm/hot water first thing in the morning (3 or more is better) before you eat anything. THAT little trick (besides making your digestive system work… like clockwork. No really.) has really helped me up my water intake.

    Also, I have made a rule that if I don’t have a full 64 oz of water in a day, I can’t have a cocktail at night UNTIL I drink all that water. That also helps motivate me to drink more water – and actually keeps me from having the anticipated cocktail because I’m too full and no longer crave it. (Being dehydrated makes me crave sugar.)

    • I’ve tried the warm water in the morning trick, but my estomago outright rejects it. I nearly barfed both times I tried it, so I decided not to push my luck with a third attempt — but I was bummed out that it didn’t work, because so many people swear by it! (*Shakes fist at stomach*)

      I like your “no cocktails until after water” trick, though — that’s an awesome idea!

  7. I have been having a hard time with drinking enough water too, so I have a 20 oz tumbler that I fill in the morning and drink one 20ozer by mid-morning, another by lunch, another by mid-afternoon and the 4th around dinner. Sorry, I don’t have any real tricks or secrets about getting the right amount of water.

  8. Horrible dreams just flat out suck! Sorry to hear you had more than one. I hear bad nights of sleep up to the night of your dream will cause them (did that come out making sense? I hope you know what I mean, Ha Ha). I really don’t have any suggestions on drinking water. I always keep one around me at all times.. even in my purse so when I’m out, it’s there!

    … and can I just tell you I am completely jealous of the fact that you are going to CO this summer! I’ve been wanting to go to CO for quite sometime but seeing how we are living on a complete different continent I’m not sure that’ll work out easily, Ha Ha!

    • That makes sense, actually! I know that when I’m over-tired, my brain starts going totally haywire — so I can see how that would lead to nightmares. I’m really glad you mentioned that! :)

      And I’ll be posting lots of pictures of our CO vacation this summer, so you’re welcome to live vicariously through me if you want! ;)

  9. I’m going to live vicariously through you when you climb the Incline – I’m still kicking myself for not doing it when I lived in Colorado Springs last summer!

    I’ve found I drink a lot more water when my cup has a straw…weirdly enough, somehow it’s more fun to drink? I also try to drink certain amounts in an hour/finish my tumbler before having lunch to make sure I get it in.

  10. I love the idea of fitness goal boards and I think yours are great! I also am trying really hard to get more water into my days! I now bring a water bottle everywhere I go (usually a Tervis tumbler, those don’t leak), and in case I can’t stomach drinking plain water(sometimes I just can’t!) I bring a crystal light with me. I know it’s not the greatest thing to put in water, but I’m still drinking water so I count it!

  11. Pingback: Some Friday Happy | On a Pink Typewriter

  12. Can’t wait to read about your trip to Colorado and hiking adventures! I’m in dire need of some knee-pounding hikes – it’s been too long! We’re going to Maine in August for a wedding and staying for a week after. Looking forward to some free family babysitting so my husband and I can hit the trails, sans kiddos! The last time we were in Maine, we hiked to the terminus of the AT and then came down the Knife’s Edge. One of the best hikes I’ve ever done.

    On Women’s Health – Now that I’m a mother to two beautiful daughters, I’m very compelled to take even better care of myself and make sure my girls do the same!

    • I’ve heard amazing things about Maine, and August seems like the perfect time to go! Just when the oppressive heat and humidity are starting to take their toll, making a trek north sounds like the perfect escape plan. :) And if it involves free babysitting so you and your husband can hit the trails? Even better! :)

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